Grant Cleveland Bio

Grant Cleveland



Although Grant Cleveland is an inspired artist, his most common characterization is that of a serial entrepreneur. Cleveland started investing in stocks when he was eleven and started his first business when he was fourteen. He has designed and installed breathtaking perennial gardens, produced and sold surf ware, and founded an internet company that evolved into a holding company for human capital management. In that venture, Cleveland was the primary author and designer of the company's software. At its peak, the company was worth 500 million dollars.

Cleveland's started his current enterprise, DuneCraft, ten years ago. DuneCraft is known for creating themed terrariums and its products have been met with great success and are sold to retailers internationally and domestically including Michael's, JoAnn, Hobby Lobby, CVS, Toys r' Us, Wegman's, Shopko, Meijer, and many more. Over 90% of DuneCraft's custom products are made and assembled in the USA, with most parts coming from Northeast Ohio manufacturers. He also has started SteelStage, a dashboard-driven ERP ASP, and is President of the Board Of Directors at the Fairmount Center for Fine Arts.

Photography is another passion of Cleveland's, as is gardening. He has combined the two by photographing twenty four botanical and other gardens in the USA and around the world. His travels have taken him to London, Paris, Venice, Athens, Brussels, and Bruges.

Cleveland is a devoted husband and loving father. He and his beautiful wife of sixteen years, Laura, have three awesome children aged 13, 9, and 3. They live in their custom designed and built home on the Chagrin River in Chagrin Falls, Ohio.
Cleveland received his formal education in Accounting and Finance at John Carroll University. He was the first person in over two decades to simultaneously obtain both challenging degrees in a four year period with no supplemental summer classes.

Cleveland is a direct descendent of Grover Cleveland, the 22nd and 25th president of the United States. This did not come with a trust fund, family compound, privilege, or connections. Rather the Cleveland gift of intellect and insanity was given and received through DNA. Past hobbies include golf, tennis, binge drinking, and mountain biking. Cleveland's current interests include Ping Pong, collecting guns, chess, and gardening. Grant Cleveland is driven and is a visionary in many ways. Personally, he is intense and aloof. He is demanding, blunt, and a perfectionist.

All of Cleveland's art is personal. It is from the heart and attempts to make sense of the reality experienced in a powerful way by Cleveland. The paintings are colorful and symbolic. Every painting tells a story. His style is bold and instantly recognizable from the color, broad strokes, compelling subjects, and unique style. Cleveland's pulsing and pounding energy and vitality shine through in every inspired painting.


Artist Statement

I paint what I am trying to understand. I paint what I am trying to make peace with. I paint what I can't make peace with. I cannot paint anything as it is, in the still shot interpretation. I paint notions, intangibles, abstract concepts, and emotions. I paint Passion, Compartmentalization, Democracy, Rage, myself, addiction, situations, events, conflict, sex, dreams, hopes, and vague memories.

Painting brings things to light that are part of our lives that I never put words to. Painting brings out the meanings of nuances and custom, it inspires and really generates epiphanies about how life works for me. These deep philosophical revelations do not come to me when I am not painting. But when I paint, it is like meditation, and it all spills out. The truth is there for all to see and I feel more like a conduit than an artist.

With no exceptions, my art is not something that I envisioned beforehand and created. Sometimes I have a basic framework, but most of the time I do not. For me, painting is a process of discovery, of chiseling and chipping away until the work is done. That is why it is so enlightening and so fun to do. Creating art and discovering truth is something I truly enjoy doing and that is a big reason I do it.

My paintings fall into a new category of paintings called abstract symbolism. They are definitely abstract, but everything signifies something. Not only do the lines and objects they create mean something, the colors mean something, and the textures mean something. What is really unique about my art is that I write the meanings of the paintings so the viewer canunderstand what everything symbolizes and what I think it means. Not that the beholder cannot derive and assign their own meaning, but this shares my perspective on the work. I think my art is unique, colorful, and provocative. It really is something different and something meaningful. Call or email for more information or to work together.