On Aging

In a world comprised of obscene lies that become one’s hellish reality, I think the concept of aging is one of the most heinous, selfish, and grotesque of falsehoods.  How is it that humans are the most complicated, slow-developing, most evolved creatures on this planet, yet be outlived by a lobster.  Lobsters and sea turtles can live for hundreds of years, trees can live to be over a thousand years old, yet we expect to die between 50 and 100.  So, we do.  But that is something that most unwittingly chose to believe and so it became their reality as well.  This is what I mean when I say life is a shared hallucination. 

Why is it that celebrities seem to age so much less?  It is not their money as the rich look almost as aged as the poor.  It is the celebrity’s ego that drives their belief that they will always be beautiful.  Our bodies are truly amazing machines and will accommodate our wishes. If we believe we will age, grow old, and die, all our bodies have to do is stop producing stem cells and we will eventually succumb. However, if we decided that we are not going to age, or even reverse age, our bodies can just as easily accommodate this desire by producing more stem cells.

We are not smarter than the machines that are our bodies and they are self-sustaining.  Our bodies make what our minds believe reality.  Around 40 or 41 I had the vision that instead of further aging, I would reverse age.  My vision is that by the chronological age of 55, I will look like I am in my mid- twenties.  As they say, time will tell, and it will.  People say they don’t care what others think and say, but it is game.  They care more about it than anything else.  To be able to truly have an open mind and see that everything is a vision and a decision to believe is rare and wasted when it is present.

So, I am rejecting the whole premise that I will age and grow decrepit any time in your lives.  If I was to accomplish what I have and understand what I do understand, then I see no reason I cannot outlive a simple lobster, or complicated tree for that matter.  The intensity of our taste and veracity for engaging life seem to be related to our presence in it to a large degree.

Nothing is one hundred percent, including this belief and all the theories presented.  Just because something does not happen 100% of the time does not mean it is not real or it does not matter.  The scientific method is one way to measure but should not be the only way.  It is said that the only two things that are for sure and they are death and taxes.  That little conventional bit of wisdom may in fact be one of the big lies threaded into our collective sense of what is considered to be common sense.

If one is to question everything, one of the first realizations is that there is simply not enough time and that is when it becomes essential to adjust one’s vision and belief of what time is and how much we really have as the most advanced, evolved, intelligent, social and dominant species in the entire universe as we know it.  The idea that our life span is so short does not really make a lot of sense in a larger sense. 

I question the linear nature and consistency of time that we all take for granted.  I have experienced time moving faster and slower than the speed that I normally experience it to be.  It seems to happen on a micro level and effect the people close to me physically in that we all experience the sense of the speed of time.  The point is, that there a number of mechanisms that our bodies and the universe around us that we do not understand could conspire to make this happen.  It is really not as implausible as it sounds.  It starts with a new vision, a well-thought out vision, detailed and easily imaginable in our minds and then a dedicated belief to make it happen.  So simple, but so unreachable for so many.

From many perspectives, the idea of exponentially longer life spans would quite radically change our ideas of how to exist, where to exist, and how long one would even want to exist. It would raise all kinds of concerns on so many levels in terms of how we would sustain such numbers in our planet.  It would complicate things for those who understood and have been living much longer.  I see the rips in the encasing fabric of the lie of aging all the time.  Most lack the ability to have a vision and of that small percentage, most don’t have the confidence to have the degree of fervent belief required to make such a feat reality. 

But someone has to be the guidepost, the light, and have some answers for those that care to be enlightened and seek enlightenment and transcend for the hellish reality most humans are forced into, like cattle into a kill house, blinders firmly in place, securely tied to the next beast, and receiving violent correction in the form of a sharp stick were any deviation to occur.

Life is a decision that you can create and design any vision you want for the future and then believe it with all your will regardless of what anyone else thinks or communicates and that vision will become your reality. You can believe it will take decades or weeks and that is how long It will take. The power is within all of us and it is a truly of force to be reckoned with but one that is universally unrecognized and unused to the detriment of most.