How I Never Get Sick

How to Be Healthy and Not Get Sick

There are lots of ways to avoid the traps of sickness and disease.  Of course, the first is to have a vision, and image of yourself unaffected by pedestrian ailments such as colds, coughs, and flus.   Then you have to believe in this vision.

From a logical perspective, it would seem odd that our bodies, being the biological machines that they are, would require such things as regular visits to a variety of doctors with countless tests, hospitals, pharmaceuticals, which by the way are plants or synthesized plants, or any of most of what is considered to be Western medicine.  Really the whole model of western medical care is absurd.  If all these ridiculous things were needed, where are the hospitals for alligators, whales, dolphins, monkeys and other animals in the wild?  Where are the hospitals for insects, plants, for anything else really? 

What western medicine and care is really is another giant waste of time, money, and resources.  Western medicine extravagantly enriches the lucky few and empowers doctor’s to positions of importance in people’s lives that they do not deserve.  What doctor’s do is make more work for themselves, their associates, and their support infrastructure.  Go see another specialist, get another test, try another pill, come back, repeat, repeat with them and countless other “specialists.”  Most people never get the answer they are looking for and after a period are forced to give up.

I think that there are some good things that have come out of western medicine, like vaccinations and actual life saving procedures, but the vast majority of it is bullshit.  Doctors are ultimately accountable to their peers who would be willing to testify against them and effectively “rat them out,” which is not good for anyone’s career in anything.

Once I participated in an executive nose to toes physical to ascertain the state of my health.  This physical cost around eight thousand dollars and took and entire day.  Dozens of vials of blood were collected, I was hooked up to electrodes and ran on a treadmill at different inclines.  I had all my senses tested and even talked with a shrink.  There were CEOs of large companies there and even some Saudi Prince.  I was surprised how frumpy this prince looked in his tennis shoes and sweats.

At the end of it, they told me that I was in exceptional health and the only thing they had to tell me was to quit smoking.  However, my lung capacity was tremendous, and my body had no signs of wear and tear from smoking, but this was the only thing they could come up with in terms of advice.  I advised them that this was crap and that I expected more for my money and time and that I was expecting something more, something insightful, useful, valuable, I mean, something!

The doctor thought about it and looked at me.  He paused, sighed, and finally told me to eat one apple a day. He said to eat one apple with the skin, no more, no less and I would not get sick.  With a raised eyebrow, I told him I would give it a shot, just to justify the expense of the time and money on this apparently frivolous venture.  I did eat one apple every day for eight years.  During that time and since, I have not gotten sick once. Period. With anything.  I am not sure how or why that apple is so important, but what that doctor shared with me was well worth the eight thousand dollars and the day, even if I had to smoke in the street.

I was not prone to illness prior to that and I credited my daily intake of orange juice.  I also take daily saunas.  The health benefits of saunas are incredible.  Look them up.  Then look up the benefits of immersing yourself in cool water right after and you will see that has roughly double the benefits of the sauna itself.

While I live and active life, the idea of carving out time to “exercise” also seemed, well, stupid.  I move at work, I stand at my desk sometimes, I pace, I chase kids at home and co-workers at work. I garden and I have a lot of sex.  I go on walks and hikes in the woods and wrestle with my sons.  The idea that I would need to supplement that with hamster like treadmills or lifting weights for no other reason to lift weight also seemed off to me and I think I am correct.  While some may identify with trapped and caged animals, we are in fact not caged and trapped.

This goes back to my theory that we are in fact machines, biological machines.  Like all machines, we will wear out after an unknown number of repetitions. Joggers needing knee replacements and having a host of problems that were started and instigated by exercise made a lot of sense to me having this perspective.  Weight lifters getting hernias, having back problems and other issues was not a surprise to me.  All this exercise is not good, it is bad.  It is wasteful.  It wastes time and money and creates all kinds of issues that would not have existed without it.

Aloe is an amazing plant that is used to treat all kinds of issues and it occurred to me that we should be able to maintain ourselves for the most part in a way more like what would be considered natural or Eastern medicine and that is the path I would explore had I a reason to even get into it.  We are surrounded by plants that can be used for countless health applications.  However, the media, society and everyone does not want to discuss that.  They want to talk about the newest pill, the latest test, and the trial treatments that may or may not work.  All this is expensive distraction and should be avoided at all costs.