For years, decades even, Monday was my worst day of the week.  It seemed like everything bad would happen to me on Mondays.  Employees did not show up to work, customers declared bankruptcy, unexpected expenses would pop up, things would break, meetings would be cancelled, and the list went on and on. I mean equipment or vehicles would break down, the roof may leak, things would be stolen, I would be sued, whatever bad was going to happen to me, it would wait, compile and rain down upon me on Mondays.

After years of this, I began to dread Monday’s and would start the week just hoping to survive the first day.  I would even have anxiety all day Sunday fearing what Monday would have in store for me.  As I would dodge the figurative bombs that were thrown at me Monday, I would lament to others I interacted with about how terrible Mondays were and everyone seemed to agree that Mondays were the worst day of the week and universally difficult.  One of my employees and friends started calling Monday “Monday Funday” in a sarcastic and weary manner.

One day, it occurred to me that starting each new week like this was not optimal by any means.  It was distressing, negative, difficult, and set me up for a tough week as I would spend a good portion of it digging out from the rubble of my life after Funday Monday was over.  I wasn’t sure what I could do about it though as it seemed like all these things were variables that were obviously well out of my sphere of influence or control.

However, I am a big believer in the fact that we can envision and believe in our vision of the future to make it a reality.  It occurred to me that it was me that was always picturing this Funday Monday and perhaps if I could change my vision, my belief on what Monday had in store for me, the reality of Monday would also change to reflect my new belief.

I was uncertain though.  I thought of all the extrapolations and ramifications of my new thought on this.  That would mean that somewhere way back when, I must have had a few bad Mondays and somehow that became my mental standard for the day.  I suppose it was not all bad in that nothing really that terrible happened to me on the other days.  But why did I even have to experience these negative things in the first place or ever?

So, I carefully crafted my new vision of what Mondays would be like for me.  Rather than envisioning myself surviving a grueling war, I pictured Monday to be the best day of the week.  I would collect extra and unexpected money on Monday, I would have nothing bad occur, in fact great things would happen on Mondays.  I would gain new ground, new opportunities would present themselves, problems would fix themselves and Monday would set me up for a fantastic week.  Mondays would furthermore be relaxing, fulfilling, effective, and pleasurable.  I would have so much great stuff happen on Mondays that I would look forward to them on Sunday.  I would wake up early, excited to start a fantastic day instead of waking up early to try to stop some of the bleeding before it was too late.

Once I had my new vision and I was able to muster up the courage to really believe in my new image of Monday, the day transformed.  Immediately.  It has now been over six months and I have not had a single bad Monday.  In fact, I have had very few bad days at all.  All the bad things that seemed to endlessly hunt me down and chase me around evaporated.

Mondays for me now are a rather glorious and uplifting affair.  My Monday luck, so to speak, has taken a 180-degree turn.  Now, Mondays are full of good surprises, fun times, great news and are a terrific start to what will surely be another fantastic week.  Best yet, since I am not engaged in fighting fires, I have time to spend with my family, or even laying in the sun.  It has been months since I had the Funday Monday of yesteryear. Instead, I spend my Mondays exactly as I had envisioned and believed in.

Now I realize that Funday Monday was a result of my own warped expectations and thinking.  The funny thing is that once Monday had transformed for me, I never heard a single other person complain about Mondays or say that Monday or any day was typically difficult for them.  I am happy that phase of my life is over, as long as it was.  It is amazing how one’s perception of how one day of the week will be can set the tone for one’s entire life.  What one thinks and expects to happen is a very powerful component of one’s reality and that should not be overlooked or forgotten.